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Shuttle: Scorpion Cove to Prisoners Harbor

All ages! • 25 minutes • For campers/overnight traveler only!

Day Visitor People departing and returning to a mainland port without an overnight stay. Ticket prices will be displayed below.
Camper People staying overnight one of more nights. Ticket prices will be displayed below.

One way shuttle service from Scorpion Cove, SCI to Prisoners Harbor, SCI!


  • 25 minutes
  • Scorpion Cove, Santa Cruz Island to Prisoners Harbor, Santa Cruz Island

Additional Shuttle Information

  • Because camper shuttles run infrequently, please start by selecting an available shuttle, then build your arrival and departure around the selected shuttle date. View our route map for details.
  • Shuttle cannot be booked the same day as travel to/from the mainland.
  • If you want to travel between more than two islands, please call a Reservation Specialist