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Anacapa Island Camping requires that you must have both a boat reservation and a campground reservation. By clicking the two buttons to the right you will be able to view both the reservation system for the boat and for the campground in two separate windows. You can use these programs to check availability.

Please review both links below to help in the ease & speed of the loading of all camping gear:

Anacapa Island Camping Transport Fares

Ticket Type

Age Range

Round Trip
Camper Transport


13-54 Years

$ 88


55 Years +

$ 83


3-12 Years

$ 64

Infant (Must Reserve)

Under 3 Years

$ 00.00

About the Campground

Anacapa Island in the Channel Islands National Park offers seven camp sites. Three sites that hold up to 4 campers and four sites That hold up to 6 campers.

There is no shade in the campground area. Picnic table and food protection boxes are at each site. NPS suggest you bring your own toilet paper to this island.


Including the 157 steps, it is approximately a half mile to the campsite from the landing. Anacapa camping is primitive and the island has little shade and no potable water.

For your time on the island, you must carry/hike in all supplies up the stairs including your water.


Anacapa Island is a small Island with only a 1.5-mile hiking trail due to its tiny size. It offers beautiful vistas and overlooks as well as a 360 degree view of the ocean for full views of sunrises and sunsets (weather permitting).

Experienced kayakers will enjoy the crystal-clear water and abundant ocean life found along the shores of Anacapa. Due to the cliff structure of the island, kayaks must be lowered and raised from the landing dock after use.


  • Please arrive at your harbor of departure a full hour before your departure time. Late arriving gear may not be loaded onto the boat.
  • Food for your time on the island.
  • Fresh /Drinking Water (suggested 1 gallon per day per person). Anacapa Island has NO POTABLE WATER available. Water weight is not included in your 60 lbs of gear
  • Kitchen utensils and camp stove (No campfires are permitted)
  • Tent(s) and sleeping bag(s)
  • A campsite reservation.
  • An Island Packers reservation.
  • Flashlight or lantern
  • Sturdy shoes and warm clothes for the cool evenings that can occur year-round.
  • Gear that meets the Island Packers Restrictions/Guidelines See button below.
  • Hat, Sunscreen and long-sleeved shirt for UV protection. UV is present even on overcast days.
  • NO Single Item weighing more than 45 LBS (required)


During the rough weather months, November through May, you will need to make sure Island Packers schedule has not been changed due to ocean and/or weather conditions before you leave the camping area for the day.

Schedule changes are relayed to the park in the morning and the bulletin board or the ranger will have schedule change information. Campers during these months should come prepared with extra food in case weather prevents us from our planned pick up.

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