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Day Visitor People departing and returning to a mainland port without an overnight stay. Ticket prices will be displayed below.
Camper People staying overnight one of more nights. Ticket prices will be displayed below.

Come along with us on a summer whale watching adventure in the Santa Barbara Channel!

Locating these majestic mammals often requires a longer boat ride. Concentrations of feeding whales tend to occur near the western end of the Channel. These trips are 5-6 hours in length with no island landing. Trips usually return to the harbor around 3:30 pm. Depending on where the whales are feeding, passengers may get to see the shoreline of one of the islands

2024 Summer Season

Our 2024 Summer Whale Watching Season will begin in June. Our trip schedule will be available after January 1, 2024

Summer Whale Watching Trips

Summer Whale Watching occurs from approximately mid May this year to mid September. This is when the ocean up-welling brings rich plumes of plankton for these visitors to feed on.

Thing to See Summer Whale Watching

With Summer Whale Watching there is no island landing. There will be a brief cruise along the shoreline of the iconic Channel Islands. This provides further opportunities to see sea birds, seals or sea lions.