San Miguel Island

Photo by Bill Dewey

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San Miguel Island trips are for Camper Transportation except for the Day Trips listed below.

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Saturdays - October 10 & 17, 2020

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Visitors to San Miguel Island must complete an:
Acknowledgement of Danger: Release and Hold Harmless Agreement
San Miguel Island (SMI)  Channel Islands National Park.

While Island Packers does have these forms at our office, completing the form prior to your arrival at our office will speed up your check in procedure.  Guest will be asked to step out of line to complete the form prior to receiving your boarding pass.  Island Packers would greatly appreciate your completing this form prior to your arrival if possible.

Photo by Doug Mangum

Visitors should be prepared for a wide range of conditions including sun, fog, cool temperatures and wind. The white sand beach and steep 1.5-mile canyon hike, have beautiful examples of native vegetation and are open to all visitors.

Visitors going ashore on San Miguel should be prepared for an inflatable boat transfer from the main boat to the beach of Cuyler Harbor. The landing can be wet as the landing may take spray from wind or a splash from a wave in the surf zone.

There is no potable water, and no shade trees on this island, so visitors should bring ample drinking water, a hat and sunscreen. Lunch, snacks, and water should be carried in a day pack. You may also bring a small ice chest if you are planning on just exploring the beach at Cuyler Harbor.

To visit the interior of San Miguel Island; an island ranger, Island Packer employee or a National Park volunteer naturalist must accompany hikers. If you travel to San Miguel with Island Packers, the National Park will have staff on the island during the camping season.

Photo by Doug Mangum

San Miguel is well known for the strange formations of the Caliche Forest (sand casts of ancient tree trunks and roots) that can be viewed on a day visit. Point Bennett has one of the largest congregations of seals and sea lions found anywhere in the world. This is a guided 16-mile round trip hike that is available to island campers.

When returning from San Miguel you will travel along the north side of Santa Cruz  and view the Painted Cave (sea conditions permitting), a large sea cave on the western end of the island.

Photo by Tim Hauf

Seasonal Highlights


Throughout the spring and summer, different age groups of elephant seals will haul out to molt on the sandy beaches, sometimes right inside Cuyler Harbor.

San Miguel is truly a special place. During the entire season that Island Packers travels to this island you have a chance to view marine mammals, including the possibility of Humpback and Blue Whales.

Blue Whale at the surface. An early arrival in the Santa Barbara Channel this year.


  • Photo by Doug Mangum
  • Caliche Forest
  • Photo by Bill Dewey
  • Photo by Doug Mangum
  • Photo by Doug Mangum
  • Photo by Doug Mangum