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Camper Transport – What You Need to Have & Bring

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What to Know:

  • Please arrive at your harbor of departure a full hour before your departure time. Late arriving gear may not be loaded onto the boat.
  • Santa Cruz Island at Scorpion and Santa Rosa Island have fresh/potable water. Anacapa Island, San Miguel Island, Santa
    Cruz Island at Prisoners/Del Norte Campground & Santa Barbara Island DO NOT have fresh/potable water. Please plan for your destination.

What You’ll Need / What to Bring:

  • An Island Packers boat reservation.
  • A campsite reservation. Please be prepared to give your campsite number at check-in as required by the National Park Service.
  • Tent(s) and sleeping bag(s)
  • Sturdy shoes and warm clothes for the cool evenings that can occur year-round.
  • Hat, Sunscreen and long-sleeved shirt for UV protection. UV is present even on overcast days.
  • Food for your time on the island.
  • Kitchen utensils and camp stove (No campfires are permitted)
  • Flashlight or lantern
  • Gear that meets the Island Packers Restrictions/Guidelines – NO Single Item weighing more than 45 LBS (required)