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Island Packers: Championing Responsible Tourism and Whale Watching in the Channel Islands

a large ship in a body of water

Over 55 years have passed since the christening of the Island Packer boat and the opening of Island Packer’s business, providing adventure tours to Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands back in the late 60s. Many boats have come and gone over the years and now Island Packers has four boats that are larger, faster, and more comfortable than in those early years. As the authorized boat concessionaire to the Channel Islands National Park, Island Packers provides transportation and wildlife excursions for over 100,000 visitors per year to all five islands in the park and the surrounding waters of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. But they are much more than a transportation service, they are a portal to exploration and discovery with knowledgeable and trained naturalists/crew and captains. Through interpretive programs, guided tours, and informational materials, they empower visitors to develop a deeper appreciation for the natural wonders of the Channel Islands and the wildlife they encounter; and inspire them to become stewards of conservation.

“Through responsible tourism practices, our family-run business has worked tirelessly to provide boat tours that make accessing the wonders of the Channel Islands both convenient and enriching.” Cherryl Connally, President of Island Packers. As our company has grown significantly over the past 55 years, we still strive to give our passengers a family feel

Island Packers’ captains, crew, and office staff foster a culture of environmental awareness and education among their passengers. They ensure your journey to the Channel Islands National Park and on their whale watching and wildlife tours are not just a trip but an unforgettable experience that will leave indelible memories while safeguarding the treasures of our natural world, including the marine mammals of the Santa Barbara Channel Whale Heritage Area.

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