Current Weather Conditions

Weather in the Santa Barbara Channel can be quite different from the weather on the mainland.  Island Packers has over 50 years of experience in understanding the weather forecast and interpreting if it is safe enough to provide a safe and comfortable trip for our passengers.

Weather Cancellation

When the weather is forecast for extremely rough weather, we will cancel trips at 5:30 am for morning departures and at approximately 11:00 AM for afternoon departures. This cancellation information is available by calling 805-642-1393  and pressing #4 at anytime after the noted times.

If your trip is cancelled due to weather you can receive a full refund or you may reschedule.  Please call Island Packers at your earliest convenience to let us know how you would like to handle your cancelled trip.

For a view of the current weather forecast in the Santa Barbara Channel  please select a link below.

Island Packers uses this information along with several other National Weather Service and NOAA sites to aid us in determining the forecast of ocean conditions.

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