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Ticket Type


Round Trip
Day Trip Fare


13-54 Years

$ 82.00


55 Year +

$ 75.00


3-12 Years

$ 60.00

Infant( Must Reserve)

Under 3 Years

$ 00.00

The Two Islands

Two Island Day Trip visitors to Channel Islands National Park can hike on two islands in one day, spending approximately 2½ hours on both Santa Cruz Island and Anacapa Island. Whether on a photo-expedition, bird-listing or craving to see as much as you can in a day, this trip might be for you.

Prisoners Harbor Beach
Photo by Doug Mangum

The First Island

Travel first to the largest Island in California, Santa Cruz, to make landing at Prisoner’s Harbor. Enjoy leisurely beach time and water access, or a join the informative guided hike to learn more about the natural and human history of this rugged beauty.

Due to Covid 19 guided hikes are not available. We will resume guided hikes as soon as it is safe for all.

This excursion provides narrated transportation and optional naturalist-led hikes at both landings, where visitors can see both the subtle differences and stark contrasts between these two islands.

The Second Island

After approximately 2 ½ hours ashore, passengers re-board and enjoy the comfort of an Island Packer catamaran to make passage from the largest of the Northern Island chain next door to the smallest; Anacapa. Here, passengers climb 153 steps to see some of the best views in California. Once on top of this cliff-lined island, visitors will view the abundant bird life that takes refuge here.

Inpiration Point – Anacapa Island
Photo by Dan Harding
Cabrill Arch Rock & Lighthouse
Photo by Dan Harding

The absence of fresh water, and resulting lack of predators, makes this an ideal place for gulls, pelicans and other pelagic species to nest and forage year-round. Approximately 1 ½ miles of nature trail can be enjoyed with a self-guided tour booklet or with an island naturalist.

After your time ashore at Anacapa, passengers will be treated to an up-close look at the landmark of Channel Islands National Park; Arch Rock, and the seals and sea lions commonly seen in the adjacent waters, before making passage home.

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