The Nature Conservancy Release of Liability Form

All Island Packers Day Passengers visiting The Nature Conservancy Property must complete the TNC Release of Liability Form. The form will be collected on the boat before arriving at your destination. Both pages 1 & 2 need to be present. Page 3 is the rules of the property and although you do not need to present it at our office, you should read it thoroughly before your scheduled trip.

This form is required if your are planning to visit Prisoners Harbor-Pelican Bay Trail, Willows Anchorage, Fry’s Harbor, Fraser Point and Cueva Valdez. If you are unable to print this form in advance, Island Packers will provide the form when you check in for your trip.

Passengers who will be visiting the Central Valley or the U.C.S.B. Field Station will receive a separate Release of Liability form from a TNC representative prior to there trip and do not need to complete this form.