Santa Rosa Island Camping Trips

Photo by Doug Mangum

To camp in the Channel Islands National Park you must have both a boat reservation and a campground reservation.  By clicking the two buttons below you will be able to view both the reservation system for the boat and for the campground in two separate windows. You can use these programs to check availability.

The campgrounds are 1.5 miles from the pier along the flat Coastal Road trail.  A slight incline leads to a view of the campgrounds as you enter the canyon.  There are 15 sites, each site may have up to a five people maximum. Campground is site  specific .

Photo by Doug Mangum - Santa Rosa Campsite

A picnic table, food storage box and wind break are at each site.  Fresh water is available in the campground area.  Restroom facilities include; flushing toilets, a shower and a large sink for washing dishes. (Showers are closed due to drought)

Campsites are site specific and must be booked in advance of your mainland departure.  Santa Rosa campsites are often full several months before the trip date, so check the campsite availability before booking your boat transportation.

Photo by Doug Mangum

During the rough weather months, November through May, you will need to make sure Island Packers schedule has not been changed due to ocean/weather conditions before you leave the camping area for the day.  Schedule changes are relayed to the park in the morning and the bulletin board or the ranger will have schedule change information.  Campers during these month should come prepared with extra food in case weather prevents us from our planned pick up.

Back Country Camping

Santa Rosa Islands offers Back County camping from Mid- August through the end of the Island Packers season.  Back country camping offers a rugged backpacking experience for the well conditioned backpacker or kayaker.  There are no facilities or fresh water in the back country.

NPS -WARNING: While back country camping is an incredible experience, it is not for the inexperienced backpacker or kayaker. Due to difficult weather, rugged terrain, and off-trail hiking, back country camping is an arduous endeavor and should be undertaken only by experienced, well-conditioned backpackers and kayakers.

Back Country Camping - Book Online!

The National Park has Back Country Camping to their online reservation system.  Click the buttons below to check for campsite availability and boat availability.  Buttons below each open in a new tab for easy comparison of availability.

Photo by Alex Ailson

What you will need for a great trip:

  • Food for your time on the island. (no store or restaurant)
  • Water container to get water to your campsite. (Back Country: No Fresh Water may be available in back country areas.)
  • Kitchen utensils and camp stove (No campfires are permitted).
  • An Island Packers reservation.
  • A campsite reservation.
  • A tent  and sleeping bag(s)
  • Gear that meets the Island Packers Restrictions/Guidelines
  • Sturdy shoes and warm clothes for the cool evenings that can occur year round.
  • Hat, Sunscreen and long sleeved shirt.


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