Painted Cave Exploration

PPC fares9-11-19

Painted Cave Exploration Schedule

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This trip will travel from the Ventura Harbor directly to Prisoners Harbor where we will drop off day and camping passengers.  Crossing will take 1.5 hours, more if we find wildlife in the channel.  We will then travel onto Painted Cave.  Our 64' catamaran will enter the cave to view one of the largest known sea caves on the planet.  There is no landing at Painted Cave.  We will return to Prisoners Harbor around 12:30-1:00 pm.  Passengers will have three hours (approx.) to explore the beach,  swim, relax and eat the lunch you brought.  

Del Norte Campers can book this trip before departing the mainland and visit Painted Cave during their time on the island.  Camper transport fare and the Painted Cave Exploration fare is all that is needed.


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