Winter Whale Watching (December 26-Mid April)

Island Packers Gray Whale Watching departs from both the Channel Islands and Ventura Harbors. This 3-3.5 hour cruise takes you to the Southern California waters of the Santa Barbara Channel. These waters are known for their marine mammal diversity and you may get to see other species of marine mammals along with the migrating Gray Whales. Seals, Sea Lions and several species of Dolphins along with occasional Orca Whale pods may also be seen on your trip.

Photo by Doug Mangum - Gray Whale Group
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Photo by Lon Goudey - Gray Whale Fluke

Our captains have many years of experience sighting whales on the waters of the Santa Barbara Channel and will narrate and inform you about all the varieties or marine mammals seen on your cruise.

Map by U.S.G.S. - Santa Barbara Channel

Gray Whale watching is a winter event and we encourage you to dress in layers of warm clothing, and wear          comfortable flat shoes on your trip. Bring along your camera and binoculars for added viewing options.

Half Day Whale Watching trips do not land at the islands, but an island landing trip to Anacapa Island or

Santa Cruz Island will give you an opportunity to view these magnificent creatures as well.


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