Frenchys Cove Tide Pools Anacapa Island – K-12 Education

Frenchy's Cove is closed due to trail wash out during the Winter of 2016. 

There is no proposed reopening date at this time.

 Frenchys Cove, Anacapa Island – Full Day  Trip                               $43.00 Per Person

What makes this destination unique?

The West Anacapa tide pool area, also known as Frenchys Cove, offers a pristine rocky shoreline. Trips are offered seasonally, during the winter minus tides, so the tide pools are not subjected to massive amounts of foot traffic. As a result, you may see a different representation of species, as well as more abundance of organisms than is present in tide pools along the mainland coast. This area is one of the National Parks long term monitoring sites, as well as a NOAA LiMPETS site, where biologists study the rocky intertidal zone. It is also the main breeding area on Anacapa for the California Brown Pelicans.

What will my students experience?

Photo by Dan Harding - Frenchys Cove

On the trail to the tide pools, there are some great cultural resources, like the shipwreck Del Rio, the ruins of an old fish camp run by "Frenchy," and a Chumash midden.There is always an opportunity to see wildlife en-route to the islands, and we definitely brake for whales and dolphins! Students will eat lunch on the boat before going ashore to explore the tide pools.

During their visit, students will have an opportunity to increase their understanding and appreciation for marine ecosystems. They will also have a chance to study a variety of tide pool plants and animals as well as learn some identification techniques.

Our naturalists will guide students through some activities, and roam with them to answer questions and point out highlights during the free exploration. Possible science themes include organism identification, adaptation, predator/prey relationships, marine ecology, endangered species, and current monitoring and preservation programs. Social science themes may include Native American inhabitants and shipwrecks.

What is the physical exertion involved?

The boat trip to Frenchys will take 1 ½ hours. At the Cove, all passengers are offloaded by climbing down a ladder from the larger boat into a 6-passenger shore boat, and then transported to a cobblestone beach where you step ashore. There is a short but steep scramble over a narrow rocky knoll to get to the tide pools. You will explore up to 1 mile of shoreline, including slippery rock surfaces and large boulder fields.

Photo by Dan Harding - Frenchys Cove Skiffing to the boat

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