East End Landing Cove Anacapa Island- K12 Education

East End a Landing Cove – Anacapa Island   K-12  -Full Day Trip

$43.00 Per Person

What makes this destination unique?

East Anacapa is one of the most popular destinations for first time visitors to the Channel Islands. This small rugged island is big on the sights and sounds of a remote island wilderness. Surrounded by sheer cliffs, the top of the island is an ancient wave cut terrace, offering spectacular panoramic views from everywhere you journey. The surrounding kelp forests highlight the rich marine resources present in the area, and you will sometimes see dolphins or whales right from the trail. There are always sea lions and seabirds present, and from mid-April through June you can expect to see the nesting activity of Western Gulls and their chicks. The island also offers a rich cultural history, including the last lighthouse built on the California coast and several archaeological sites documenting the presence of the Chumash Indians.

Photo by Dan Harding - .East Anacapa Aerial

 What will my students experience?

Photo by C. Reznicek - Anacpa Island breeding Brown Pelicans

There is always an opportunity to see wildlife en-route to the islands, and we definitely brake for whales and dolphins! Once ashore, students will have a lunch break and then take a guided hike with their naturalist. Our naturalists are trained on the unique natural and cultural resources found in Channel Islands National Park, and have a large repertoire of activities to reinforce the information they present. Possible science themes include adaptation, habitats, native and endemic organisms, introduced species, research and restoration, marine ecology, and geology. Social science themes may include Native American inhabitants, explorers, and shipwrecks. All trips can be tailored to meet your curriculum goals and objectives.

 What is the physical exertion involved?

The boat trip to Anacapa will take between 1 and 1½ hours. Arriving at the Landing Cove, be prepared to step from the boat to a ladder, where you will climb 2-5 rungs to the pier. Once ashore, you will ascend 157 steps up an open cliff-side staircase to the top of the island. There are up to 2 miles of hiking trails that you will travel during our tour.The trail is rated “easy” by the Park Service with only a small amount of elevation change.

Photo by Dan Harding

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