Three-Quarter Day Wildlife Cruise


Trips Available on Sunday June 2 and Sunday November 10, 2019

We expect to add more of these trips as our schedule develops.

Photo by Dan Harding
Photo by Dan Harding - Brown Pelicans in flight

In June 2019, Island Packers is introducing a Three-Quarter Day Wildlife Viewing Tour. Based on our popular Half-Day Wildlife Viewing Tour, the ¾ Day Trip travels farther, and stays at sea longer, searching for marine life. These two trips compare as follows:


Itineraries for Three-Quarter Day Wildlife Viewing depend on where wildlife has been spotted recently and may go anywhere that time and sea conditions allow. Passengers will usually travel to the west end of Santa Cruz Island, an area known for larger animals and robust sea conditions. On most days, passengers will be treated to an inside look at one of the largest sea caves in the world, Painted Cave. Passengers booking this trip should be prepared for a long day at sea with warm, layered clothing, and low-soled, good-grip shoes. Although there is a galley onboard that sells snacks and drinks, passengers will want to bring a lunch for their time on the boat.

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