Temporary Scorpion Anchorage Pier Closure

Photo by Andrea MIlls - Skiffing Ashore.

Scorpion Anchorage

Temporary Pier Closure


A temporary pier closure will not effect our trips out to Scorpion Anchorage.  A pier closure means that Island Packers will be landing visitors ashore on a skiff through the surf.  We hope this will be a short closure, but have no timeline from the National Park on when the pier will reopen. We will post additional information from the National Park Service as it becomes available.


Come prepared with an extra pair of shoes in case your feet get wet.  Pack delicate items in a zip lock bag (just in case) and put on your sense of adventure.

Photo by Doug Mangum - Skiffing to shore.

This is what a skiff landing is like on a calm day.