You can print the Santa Rosa Guides below and bring them along with you for your adventure. However, Island Packers suggest that you download the new National Park Service app. This app contains all the information in both documents, the 2 page hiking guide and the 72 page interpretive guide. Download before you go so you can use it offline at the islands! The app is free and available on the App Store and on Google Play.

If you are planning a long hike, please come prepared for the island. While Scorpion Anchorage at Santa Cruz Island and Santa Rosa Island have water, Anacapa Island, San Miguel Island, Santa Barbara Island as well as Prisoners Harbor at Santa Cruz Island do not have drinking/freshwater available. The trails on most islands offer little or no shade. Temperatures can get to the upper 80 in summer and fall. Sometimes even more. Dehydration is a concern for unprepared hikers. Please bring ample water with you for your hike. We also suggest that you wear a hat and sunscreen. Dangerous UV is present even on overcast days. If you are susceptible to sun burn, we also suggest a light weight, long sleeve shirt. Better to be safe than sorry!

Santa Rosa Island Hiking Guide

Santa Rosa Island Interpretive Guide