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Day Trip – Saturday October 15, 2022

Day Trip – Saturday October 29, 2022

Ticket Type


Round Trip
Day Trip Fare


13-54 Years



55 Years +

$ 102.00


3-12 Years

$ 90.00

Infant( Must Reserve)

Under 3 Years

$ 00.00

Visitors to San Miguel Island must complete an:
Acknowledgement of Danger: Release and Hold Harmless Agreement San Miguel Island (SMI) Channel Islands National Park.

While Island Packers does have these forms at our office, completing the form prior to your arrival at our office will speed up your check in procedure. Guest will be asked to step out of line to complete the form prior to receiving your boarding pass. Island Packers would greatly appreciate your completing this form prior to your arrival if possible.

Channel Islands National Park islands.
Photo by NASA

San Miguel Island is the most northern island in the Channel Islands National Park. San Miguel Island day trips are offered only a few days a year during the fall months.

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Travel time on a direct route from the Ventura Harbor is 3 to 3.5 hours and the crossing is often highlighted with sightings of Humpback Whales and various species of dolphins.  Departures are at 8:00 am and return to the Ventura Harbor between approximately 6:30 and 7:00 pm.

Skiffing ashore at San Miguel Island
Photo by Doug Mangum

Going Ashore

The day trips occur in October when the ocean conditions are the best for the skiff landing on the beach.  San Miguel Island has no pier. Passengers depart the transport vessel for the ride to shore in an inflatable skiff through the surf.  Landing can be wet depending on the current conditions. Visitors to this island should protect their day gear for the possibility of a wet landing.

The Caliche Forest
Photo by Tim Hauf

San Miguel Island Day Trip passengers are offered guided hikes to other areas of the Island. Options may include the Caliche Forest, and Lester Point. The guided hikes are considered strenuous hikes and are enjoyed by hardy hikers.  San Miguel Island trails beyond the ranch area must be guided by a National Park ranger or National Park volunteer.  Time ashore on a day trip does not allow for the 16 mile hike to Point Bennett to view the pinnipeds.

The Cabrillo Monument – SMI
Photo by Doug Mangum

Vault style outhouses and picnic tables are located in the campground area. Weather conditions can be windy even in the autumn months. There is no drinking water or shade on San Miguel Island.

Nidever Canyon Trail
Photo by Doug Mangum

Day Trip Preparation | What You Need to Know & Bring

  • Please arrive at your harbor of departure 45 minutes before your scheduled mainland departure.

  • Pack food and drink for your time on the island.  A small cooler with a single handle or a backpack will help to protect your food from the small animals and birds that populate the islands year-round.  There are no shops or restaurants on the island.

  • San Miguel Island has No Potable/Fresh Water

  • Visitors to the island must take all their trash with them when they depart the island.

  • Flat shoes with rubber soles are best for both the boat and the island. We recommend hiking shoes.  We suggest passengers do not wear loose or leather soled sandals or flip flops on your island adventure.

  • Weather conditions can change rapidly in the Santa Barbara Channel.  It is always best to dress in layers and bring a jacket/sweatshirt (even in the summer months).

  • San Miguel Island has no shade.  Sunscreen and a hat will help to protect you from UV that is present even on overcast days.

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