Meet the Office

Meet the Office 

Cherryl Connally – Co-owner  Cherryl is a native of Ventura and graduate of Ventura College, has been with the family business for 47 years. In the beginning, she worked as a crew member on the boats and as a young adult, she worked for TIC Corporation with her father, Island Packers founder, Bill Connally. Cherryl has also worked as the marketing director for Ventura Harbor Village and for the non-profit organization Friends of the Channel Islands National Park. For fun, Cherryl enjoys kayaking, diving, hiking and boating but most of all loves spending time with her family especially her grandson.

Photo by Tim Hauf - crystal

Crystal Castro – Office Operations Manager   Crystalis a Ventura native and has been on the Island Packers team since 1997. Prior to this job, Crystal was a student and worked as cashier for Andria’s Seafood Restaurant in Ventura Harbor. She earned an Associate’s degree from Ventura College in Liberal Arts and Sciences and is looking to further her education in Environmental Studies. She enjoys exploring her hometown and taking road trips. She especially enjoys exploring the great outdoors with her daughter. A nature lover, Crystal is extremely passionate about the environment and conserving our natural resources

Shanna Munoz- Assistant Office Operations Manager   Shanna is a Seattle, Washington native where she studied Administration and Business at Bellevue College. She joined the Island Packers team in 2013. Shanna is passionate about helping customers and giving great service. She loves going to the Channel Islands and sharing her love of the islands with others, especially newcomers to the area. She also enjoys playing at the beach, kayaking, hiking, camping, reading and writing. Spending time with her friends/co-workers and her family are also very important to her. Shanna is an avid environmental conservationist and endeavors to leave the planet a better place for future generations. Shanna is also a volunteer for Channel Island Marine Wildlife Institute.


Jackee Salinas- Reservations  Jackee is an Oxnard, California native. She is a bilingual speaker and has worked for Island Packers since the year 2000. Before her current position, she was a high school student and worked at her first job in the fast food industry. She enjoys marine wildlife and has even traveled to Mexico during the winter months to encounter the Gray Whales in the lagoons. Jackee loves to travel, especially to foreign countries and has explored Europe extensively. She truly enjoys immersing herself in the different cultures. Jackee holds an Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration from Santa Barbara Business College.  

Monica Baker – Reservations/Group Charters Coordinator   Monica was raised in Simi Valley, California. She joined the Island Packers team in 2000. Prior to her current position, Monica worked as a nanny, preschool teacher and camp counselor. She has a Bachelor’s in Psychology from San Diego State University and is currently continuing her education in teaching. She loves to explore nature and spending time at the beach. She also enjoys camping, embroidering and spending time with her family and friends. Her greatest passions are working with people, being a mom and teaching children.


Leah Ross – Accounts Receivable/Reservations/Senior Staff  Leah is a Ventura, California native, has been working for Island Packers since 2006. Leah is a graduate of Ventura College, where she competed on the women's soccer team. She enjoys surfing, snowboarding and traveling the world. Her biggest passion in life is caring for her three children and spending time with her husband..

Karon Hunnicutt – Reservationist/Retail, has lived in Ventura County for 30 years. Prior to joining the Island Packer team in 2014 she worked in accounting and sales. She was introduced to the Channel Islands through her son . Since joining Island Packers she has become an island enthusiast. Karon loves the outdoors and enjoys water skiing, hiking, snow skiing and camping.

Photo by Tim Hauf - karon

Todd Taylor- Retail   Todd is originally from Long Island, New York. He started at Island Packers in 2000. Prior to working here, he was a clerk in a retail store.  Outside of work he is a very active member of his church. He also belongs to a bowling league and loves traveling especially to visit his family.


Cheri Ambrose-Reservations/Assistant Group Charters Coordinator, joined us in 2016 after being a customer on several Island Packer’s trips. She is originally from Detroit, Michigan but grew up in Arizona. She loved living in the Sonoran desert but has always wanted to live by the ocean and decided to make the move this past January. She has a lot of experience in customer service, anything from retail to banking. She is an amateur birder and loves seeing animals in their natural habitat.  

Marlene Fode - Reservationist  Marlene is a Ventura native with family roots in the county extending back four generations. Before joining the Island Packers family in 2017, Marlene worked for a small medical billing company for many years. Marlene has a deep love for the outdoors and is passionate about conservation.  She loves to hike, kayak, camp, being in the mountains, and taking trips out to the islands. Spending time with her granddaughter and introducing her to the outdoors is a priority as well.  Marlene volunteered at the Marine Mammal Rescue Center along with her daughter in San Pedro doing many things including making fish smoothies for all the sea lions.  She enjoys live music, true crime books and working out.


Sandi Ozolins - Reservations  Sandi started her life moving from another country, spent years moving packages, and is now helping to move people. Born in England, Sandi came to the US when she was 4. She brings her organizational skills and troubleshooting expertise honed from 22 years of working at UPS where she worked first as a driver before quickly moving into management. Joining the Island Packer team in 2018, Sandi is now able to share her lifelong love for the ocean and its wildlife with the many passengers at Island Packers. She enjoys the friendly environment and teamwork of the Island Packers office, she is passionate about spending time in nature, in the water, on the land and in the sky! Sandi’s favorite hobbies are swimming in the sea, golf, tennis, hiking and spending time with her adopted pup, Poipu.