The Outer Islands

Photo by NASA - Channel Islands National Park Islands

The outer islands are comprised of three islands; Santa Rosa Island, San Miguel Island and to the south, Santa Barbara Island.

The outer Islands are open to the public year round.  However, Island Packers only travels to these distant islands during the months that have the best weather for boat travel. In the stormy months, the ocean conditions are too rough for visiting these islands.

Gold Line
Photo by Doug Mangum - From the Upper Trail  - Torry Pines View

Visited from March  until mid-November.  Trips are set up to be 2 & 3 night camping trips or can be reserved for a day trips.  The full schedule is available on the Santa Rosa page.

Gold Line

Santa Barbara Island Closed due to damage to the  landing platform

sustained in the winter of 2015-2016

Gold Line

Visited two times each month from July through October.  These two trips a month are designed to allow for  a 2-3 night camping experience and may also be booked for a day trip.

Gold Line