Frenchys Cove – Anacapa Island Tipe Pools

Frenchy's Cove is closed due to trail wash out during the Winter of 2015/2016. 

There is no proposed reopening date at this time.

Frenchys Cove is where you disembark to gain access to the tide pools on the south shore of Mid Anacapa Island.  Only visited from November to April this special trip offers a close up view of the inter-tidal Zone.  The trips are limited to days when the condition are right for viewing the tide pools.  The tide must be low and this low tide must occur  in the late morning to early afternoon.  These trips are usually Monday Through Friday and we have a high participation from K-12 schools and college students throughout Southern and Central California on these trips.

AI Day Fare

Keep in mind that this trip is an educational excursion and there will be students possibly ranging from Elementary School through University aboard.

To get ashore you are transported by an inflatable boat from the main boat through the surf onto a cobblestone beach. This landing can often be wet and travelers should prepare for this event. A short hike over a rocky knoll takes you to Anacapa’s south shore and a rocky tide pool habitat.

Photo by Dan Harding - Anacapa Island Frenchys Cove Aerial

Exploration, other than crossing the knoll, is limited to the intertidal zone. The intertidal zone is a protected environment within the park where many species of plants and animals thrive. You can observe aggregate and sunburst anemones, limpets, barnacles, large mussel beds, starfish and a variety of colorful marine algae.

This is an unimproved area of the park, there are no facilities at this area of the island.


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