Summer Whale Watching


Once a rare sight in the waters of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, Humpback whales and endangered Blue Whales, can be seen as they feed on swarms of krill.

Island Packers makes every attempt to show you these gentle giants of the deep, but can make no guarantee that these creature will make themselves available for viewing.

The concentration of feeding  whales tends to follow the up-welling  of food sources, making these whale watching trips an all-day adventure. Reaching the feeding grounds may take a couple of hours. These trips is 5 or 8 hours in length with no island landing.

Photo by Michele Wassell - Humpback Whale breaching
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 Locating these majestic mammals often requires a longer boat ride since concentrations of feeding whales tend to occur near the western end of the Channel. These trips are 5-6 hours in length with no island landing and usually return to the harbor around 3:30 pm. Depending on where the whales are feeding, passengers may get to see the shoreline of one of the islands.


Summer Whale Watching starts Mid June and ends in Mid September. 

Check back soon for our 2019 Schedule.

Photo by Michele Wassell - Blue Whale Spouts

While there is no island landing, there will be a brief cruise along the shoreline of one of the iconic Channel Islands, providing further opportunities to see sea birds, seals or sea lions

Map by U.S.G.S. - Santa Barbara Channel

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