Santa Rosa Island

Photo by Doug Mangum - Bechers Bay - Santa Rosa Island

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The trip to Bechers Bay from the Ventura Harbor takes approximately two hours if the boat takes the northerly route, two hours and 15 minutes via the smoother and preferred southern route.  If the boat is stopping at Scorpion Anchorage, or Prisoners Harbor,  Santa Cruz Island, you can add an additional 30 minutes to the crossing.  The preferred route takes a track along the south side on Santa Cruz Island because waters are usually much calmer there.  But the channel between Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa can be rough.

Photo  by Doug Mangum - Santa Rosa Pier

The landing at Santa Rosa is via a pier at Bechers Bay.  Passengers will step from the boat to a landing and then climb a short flight of stairs to the top of the pier.


During the crossing  there is a good chance to see dolphins.  Blue and Humpback whales  may be spotted during the summer months.  One of the worlds largest sea caves, Painted Cave, is near the return route to Ventura.  If the weather permits the boat will stop there briefly for viewing.

At 84 square miles, Santa Rosa is the second largest of the eight Channel Islands.  There are two relatively high mountains on the island; Black Mountain, 1298 ft (396 m); and Soledad Peak 1574 ft (480 m).

Photo by Doug Mangum - Walking the Coastal Road

However, most of the island is covered by rolling hills.  Steep and dramatic canyons, such as Lobo or Water Canyon, cut through the hills and open up to beautiful white sand beaches. Many miles of trails and roads are available for hiking exploration.

Photo by Doug Mangum - From the Upper Trail  - Torry Pines View
Photo by Tim Hauf - Lobo Canyon Wetlands
Photo by Doug Mangum - Enjoying the view at Point Bennett

Santa Rosa lies just beyond Point Conception, so the weather is more like the Big Sur Coast than that of Southern California.  Visitors should be prepared for cool and foggy days even in the summer and strong winds are common year round.

Santa Rosa Island Schedule

Mainland Departure is 8:00 am except where noted  *=9:00am Departure

Island Departure (pick up) time is 3:00 pm except where noted ++/^^

     ++=2:00 pm      ^^=2:30 pm

Some combinations of departure and pick up times may result in a substantially shorter time ashore on day trips.

September - October - November 2018

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  • Photo by Doug Mangum - Backers on the Coastal Road - Santa Rosa Island
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  • Photo by Tim Hauf - Santa Rosa Campground
  • Photo by Doug Mangum - White Sand Beaches - Santa Rosa Island
  • Photo by Doug Mangum - Water Canyon Creek
  • Photo by Doug Mangum - Walking the Coastal Road
  • Photo by Doug Mangum - From the Upper Trail  - Torry Pines View
  • Photo  by Doug Mangum - Santa Rosa Pier